"You Create Your Path to Happiness"
Visualize a life of Abundance, Joy, and Inner Peace
A Glimpse into the woman that is Dionne: 

Picture of myselfBorn on Friday September 17th, and is the second of four siblings.  Dionne has always been an outgoing and ambitious person, even as a child, and she has carried that same spirit and drive into adulthood.  Dionne Jackson is the founder of Bella Star LLC, and www.bellastartags.com 

A word from Dionne Jackson:
"Hello, it is my absolute honor to speak with each and everyone of you who's eyes grace the screen.  
    I subscribe to the life philosophy that you can have any and everything you put your mind to.  As human beings we are blessed to feel emotions, and in feeling our emotions they tend to sway our decisions.  Be it a personal or a professional matter, emotions play a role in how we handle life situations.  I say all this to help you realize that you can control your emotions, control the way you think, and therefore control your destiny.  Channel your emotions on the life scale of positivity, and experience the great and beautiful things life has to offer.
    There was a period in my life where my future seemed bleak.  I was in an undiagnosed state of depression.  From my physical being, to my spiritual walk,things were out of order.  So I began a journey-my life journey-to the life of pure, internal happiness.  I made a major decision for my life, sometimes against the will of others, but the outcome was still in my benefit.  By changing my way of thinking to a more positive outlook and attitude, my life began to change. Negativity only brought me more of the same, so each day I strive to view my situations and the world thru  rose-colored glasses."

Contact email:dionne@bellastartags.com

Dionne Jackson is an entrepreneur and motivational speaker.  She volunteers in her community, and has several projects in the works for her company Bella Star LLC.

                                                  (770) 710-9136
                                                 124 S. Main St. Suite 2J
                                                 Jonesboro, Ga  30236

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